Reduce Commercial Cleaning Costs: Practical Tips for Knoxville Businesses

Are you a business owner or office manager in Knoxville looking for ways to reduce your commercial cleaning costs? We understand the challenges you face, especially with the impact of the pandemic and rising business inflation. As a specialty commercial cleaning service with over 25 years of industry experience, we’ve had the privilege of working with hundreds of buildings and gaining valuable insights into maximizing efficiency. Allow us to share some practical tips to help you clean your office building more efficiently while saving costs

The first step in reducing commercial cleaning costs is to create a comprehensive cleaning plan that addresses all areas of concern. This plan should take into account the specific needs of your office space and ensure that all cleaning efforts work together seamlessly. By aligning everyone in the same direction, you can optimize efficiency and minimize unnecessary labor.



Optimizing Carpet Cleaning and Waste Removal

Optimize Commercial Carpet Cleaning: When it comes to carpet cleaning, consider adopting an account-based approach. Instead of cleaning the entire building at once, focus on increasing the frequency of cleaning for high-traffic areas while reducing cleaning in lower-traffic zones. Incorporate spot cleaning to maintain a uniform appearance throughout the building. For example, you can clean high-traffic areas six times a year with spot cleaning and perform a full building cleaning once a year. This approach will help your carpets look great while keeping costs affordable.


Streamline Waste Removal: Reduce the number of garbage cans in your office space to minimize labor costs associated with emptying them. Instead of having individual cans at each desk, implement a centralized waste disposal system. Place medium-sized cans for every ten desks, and require employees to dispose of their garbage in these central cans. By reducing the number of cans, you can save a significant amount of money over time.

Streamlining Desk Cleaning and Floor Maintenance

Implement a Desk Cleaning Schedule: Desks are often hotspots for dust accumulation due to personal items and clutter. By implementing a desk clearing schedule, where employees clear their desks once a month or quarter, you enable cleaning staff to effectively clean and disinfect the surfaces. This practice eliminates the source of dust and reduces the labor required for dusting other areas like vents, blinds, and cabinets. Not only does this save money, but it also creates a cleaner and healthier workspace.


Optimize Floor Stripping & Refinishing: Rather than waiting until the floor finish has completely decayed, consider implementing a proactive approach. Strip and finish the floor completely once, and then schedule regular scrubbing and waxing services in the future. This method removes only the top layers of floor finish, resulting in significant cost savings compared to a complete floor service. Aim for 2-3 services annually instead of one major service. Your floors will look better, and you’ll receive more value for your investment.

Reduce Commercial Cleaning Costs Practical Tips for Knoxville Businesses

Enhancing Restroom Cleaning Efficiency and Contractor Safety Practices

Utilize Entrance Mats: Invest in quality entrance mats and ensure their strategic placement throughout your building. Entrance mats effectively capture soil, sand, and debris before they enter the premises, reducing the need for extensive vacuuming. Allocate a budget for entrance mats, and consider adjusting your cleaning budget accordingly. By increasing the monthly mat budget and reducing the cleaning budget, you can save on laborious vacuuming tasks.

Optimize Restroom Cleaning: Restroom cleaning is labor-intensive, particularly when it comes to tile and grout. Mopping alone tends to push soil into the grout lines, leading to bacterial decay and foul odors. To tackle this, schedule steam cleaning for restroom floors and walls once a year (depending on traffic) and seal the grout lines. This approach simplifies and quickens the cleaning process while reducing labor costs.

Consider Contractor Safety Practices: While safety measures for employees and customers are crucial, it’s also important to consider the safety practices of contractors you hire. Pay attention to workers’ compensation insurance coverage to ensure that contractors adhere to proper safety protocols. This step helps protect your business and ensures a safe working environment for everyone involved.


By implementing these cost-saving strategies, you can efficiently clean your office building while reducing commercial cleaning expenses. If you’re in Knoxville, TN, and seeking professional assistance, our specialty commercial cleaning service is here to support you. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and discover how we can help you achieve a cleaner, more cost-effective office space.

Remember, by cleaning smarter, you can save more and create a healthier work environment for your employees and visitors.