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Employee Checklist

Our Restroom Cleaning Checklist:

  • High Dusting: We meticulously remove dust from high areas, including vents, light fixtures, and corners, to eliminate any potential allergens or debris.
  • Fixtures: Our professionals clean and polish all fixtures, including faucets, handles, and knobs, to maintain a sparkling appearance and prevent the buildup of grime.
  • Dispensers: We ensure that soap, paper towel, and toilet paper dispensers are consistently stocked and in good working condition for the convenience of restroom users.
  • Mirror Cleaning: Our team cleans and shines mirrors to provide a clear reflection and enhance the overall cleanliness of the restroom.
  • Trash Receptacles: We empty and sanitize trash receptacles, maintaining a clean and odor-free environment.
  • Baseboards: Our cleaning experts pay attention to detail by cleaning and wiping down baseboards, leaving no area untouched.
  • Toilets and Urinals: We thoroughly clean toilets and urinals inside and out, using effective disinfectants and ensuring proper sanitation. Special attention is given to spray under urinals to maintain cleanliness.
  • Walls: We clean ceramic walls and drywall surfaces to remove any stains or marks, enhancing the overall appearance of the restroom.
  • Partitions: Our team cleans and sanitizes restroom partitions to eliminate germs and maintain a fresh and hygienic environment.
  • Floor Cleaning: We start by removing debris from the floor, followed by using a turbo tool for a deep clean. Edges are given special attention to ensure a thorough cleaning process.
  • Counters/Sinks: We clean and sanitize counters and sinks, removing any residue or stains to create a clean and inviting space.
  • Chrome Fixtures: Our team polishes chrome fixtures to restore their shine and enhance the overall aesthetics of the restroom.
  • Soap Dispensers: We check and refill soap dispensers to ensure proper hand hygiene for restroom users.
  • Stall Cleaning: We wipe down and sanitize restroom stalls, ensuring a clean and hygienic experience for users.
  • Trash Removal: We empty all trash receptacles, ensuring proper disposal and maintaining a clean and odor-free environment.
  • Paper Dispensers: Our team refills paper towel and toilet paper dispensers to ensure an uninterrupted supply for restroom users.
  • Floor Sweeping/Mopping: We sweep and mop the restroom floor, removing dirt, stains, and spills to leave the floor fresh and clean.
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When you choose Smoky Mountain for your restroom cleaning needs, you can expect the following benefits:

  • Expertise and Attention to Detail: Our team consists of trained professionals with a keen eye for detail, ensuring thorough and meticulous restroom cleaning.
  • Hygienic and Sanitary Environment: We utilize high-quality cleaning products and techniques to eliminate germs, bacteria, and unpleasant odors, creating a clean and hygienic space.
  • Timely and Reliable Service: We understand the importance of maintaining a consistent cleaning schedule. Our team is reliable, punctual, and dedicated to meeting your restroom cleaning needs on time.
  • Customized Cleaning Plans: We offer customized cleaning plans tailored to the unique requirements of your facility. Whether you have specific preferences or need additional services, we can accommodate your needs.
  • Peace of Mind: With our professional restroom cleaning services, you can focus on running your business with confidence, knowing that your restrooms are in the hands of experienced cleaning professionals.


Contact Us for Exceptional Restroom Cleaning Services: Maintaining clean and sanitary restrooms is crucial for any commercial facility. Trust [Your Commercial Cleaning Service Name] to deliver outstanding restroom cleaning services tailored to your needs. Let us handle your restroom cleaning, so you can focus on what matters most – your business’s success.

Office and Janitorial Cleaning Services

Exceeding Expectations for Morristown and Knoxville Offices

Experience the difference that meticulous attention to detail can make with Smoky Mountain Commercial Cleaning. We understand that a safe, clean, and organized workplace is paramount to your business’s success. Our dedicated team goes the extra mile, thoroughly inspecting every corner, nook, and cranny through a strategic rotation system. This meticulous approach eliminates dirt, dust, and germs, ensuring a healthier environment for your employees, customers, and visitors.

Attention to detail extends beyond cleanliness. At Smoky Mountain Commercial Cleaning, we take pride in properly stocking supplies, storing equipment, and disposing of trash and debris. By maintaining a professional and welcoming atmosphere, we leave a positive impression on everyone who enters your Morristown office.

Choose Smoky Mountain Commercial Cleaning for a dedicated and detail-oriented office cleaning and janitorial service. With our expertise, you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that your workspace will consistently meet the highest standards.

Office and Janitorial Cleaning Services

Housekeeping Closet Organization:

At Smoky Mountain Commercial Cleaning, we prioritize both your health and the environment. We understand the importance of using eco-friendly and non-toxic cleaning solutions. Our commitment to sustainability means that our products are safe for your employees and customers while promoting a healthier environment. When you choose us, you choose a cleaning service that cares about your well-being and the future of our planet.

Contact Smoky Mountain Commercial Cleaning today to experience the exceptional office cleaning and janitorial services we offer in Morristown, TN. Let us create a sparkling clean and inviting workspace that exceeds.

In addition to maintaining clean and hygienic restrooms, we understand the importance of a well-organized housekeeping closet. A clutter-free and properly stocked closet allows our cleaning team to work efficiently and effectively. Here’s how we ensure the cleanliness and organization of our housekeeping closets:


1. Regular Inspection and Inventory: Our supervisors conduct regular inspections of the housekeeping closets to ensure that they are clean, well-maintained, and stocked with the necessary cleaning supplies and equipment. This includes checking the inventory of cleaning solutions, tools, and personal protective equipment.

2. Proper Storage and Labeling: We organize the housekeeping closets in a systematic manner, with clearly labeled shelves, racks, and storage areas for different cleaning products and equipment. This makes it easy for our team members to locate and access the required items quickly.

3. Rotation and Replenishment: We have a system in place to rotate cleaning supplies and ensure that expired or ineffective products are promptly replaced. By regularly restocking the housekeeping closets, we ensure that our cleaning team has access to fresh and effective cleaning solutions at all times.

4. Cleanliness Maintenance: Our team takes responsibility for keeping the housekeeping closets clean and well-maintained. We regularly clean the shelves, sweep the floors, and remove any clutter or debris that may accumulate. This ensures a hygienic environment for storing cleaning supplies and equipment.


At Smoky Mountain Commercial Cleaning, we believe that a well-trained team and an organized housekeeping closet are essential elements in delivering top-notch restroom cleaning services. Our commitment to employee training and maintaining clean storage spaces reflects our dedication to professionalism, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

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